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What should be cared about when making hats?

2017-05-23 18:48:52 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Hat is more and more important in our life,so how can a hat become a more elegant decoration? First of all, quality is relatively good. So how can we make a good quality hat? What are these requirements? Check how these hat factories do?

Quality requirements: notice during production process: choose an appropriate color for suture. 

Use a ruler to measure the size of the hat whether it meets these requirements of the guests or not; wash these hat to test whether these colors will fade away or not.Bongrace is right in front of a hat or not?When stitching a PE board ,there should not be too much powder on the surface.And this base fabric should not be seen when embroidery logo.

Quality notice:

(1)Distance between each needle pitch is about 3cm / 10-12 needles; 

(2)(2)Generally there is a sweatband inside a hat,and there are non-woven fabrics inside  sweatbands  which includes two kinds-70g and 85g,they should be white colors.

(3)Generally the seal should be outside .

(4)When pulling a sweatband,it should be in a flat direction.

(5)As for button,there are triangular buttons and two angle buttons,and triangular buttons use most,as it can bear at least 15 pounds pulling force.

(6)There should be letters on the needle hole,and this color should be the same with hat.

(7)Generally there are embroidered and PVC in front of a hat ,it is above this lower mouth 2cm-2.5cm,in the center of these two sides, if it is embroidery,its color must meet the requirements and can not leave a thread, if it is PVC label,then sizes must meet requirements, too.

(8)These joint positions must be flat when ironing,temperature is generally required between 105 110 degrees, the time is generally in the 7s-8s. 

(9)The circumference must be correct.

(10)The location of cap tongue, must be centered, can not be skewed. 

11) Velcro's Corners are generally required to be trimmed into rounded corners.

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