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Hat factory tells you-Why hats are becoming more and more popular?

2017-05-25 19:02:25 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Due to the impact of Chinese traditional culture,the whole dress are not stylish as foreigners.As for hat,people do not have much concept about it,so not all of them wearing hats.But in recent years,people pay more attention to their wearing styles which is influenced by European and American culture.People start following the trend of foreigners’ dressing styles ,in order to be more and more fashion and stylish.A most obvious reflect about that change is the love for hats.Why does this appear? Hat factory will tell you about it.

In fact,hat has many thousand years of history in China.In ancient time,a yellow crown is essential for an emperor besides a dragon robe.Most of those nobility dignities even these literati poets will wear hats.They have more than one hat,as they wear different hats for different occasions.Of course, at that time these civilians wear hats,too,but these hats are more practical,such as straw hat which can shade sunshine and rain,and also simple cotton hat that can tie hair.

Of course, besides these people with high status,there are some other people who will wear hats.For example.people in troupe will wear hats when they are performing in the stage.As we all know that in order to make each character vivid,they will all have a hat.In this way ,the match with clothing will look beautiful and also this expression and appeal will increase at the same time.

In general,the reason why hats are becoming more and more popular is that there are some culture accumulation before.Although demands for hats are not so large at all ,and hats are not as important as before,people are familiar with them.So all in all ,it is much easier to accept popular culture,and the standard for beauty will be much more higher,hats will be more and more popular.

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