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Hat factory tells you-straw hat maintenance

2017-05-28 11:32:50 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

straw hat

During summer,people wear a variety of hats when they are going out,and if asked what kind of hat is the most popular and the most common one ? Maybe you will say baseball cap? While it is not,as in summer,people need large brim hats to protect their skin from strong sunshine.But baseball cap does not have a much better sunscreen function than straw hat,so at that time,straw hats are much more popular than any other hats.Nowadays,many girls have more than one hats which are prepared for daily outing shopping and travel.Although it protects people well enough in summer,there is a limitation for it that is it can not be washed.So how can we maintain straw hats? Here ,hat factory will tell you more details about it.

First: dust-proof and anti-deformation.As for hat,when you are not wearing it ,please do not leave it messed up,you had better put it on a hat rack or on a hook,and do not place heavy items on the top of it,otherwise it will lose its original shape.It is the best if a seller provides a hat holder during your purchase ,as you can put your hat on it when you are not wearing it,in this way,this hat can maintain its original shape for a long time.What is more ,a clean cloth or a plastic bag is necessary to cover a hat if you do not want to wear it for a long time. 

Second:damp-proof.Before placing a hat up,it is better to put it in a ventilation place to dry for about 10 minutes,in this way to remove moisture produced by our human body.

Third, cleaning.If a hat is dirty,you can use a cotton which is wrapped in your finger and dip some water on it to wipe that hat and dry it.But do not put on a plastic bag on it when it is not dry entirely,otherwise it will be in a moldy condition.

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