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How to wear a hat, graphic courtesy with the method

2017-06-15 22:32:07 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Speaking of gentleman hat, is a lot of people love and hate accessories, love it looks elegant and beautiful style, hate it so eye-catching so many male gentleman "discouraged", afraid to wear the wrong clothes ride Wrong shoes, ruined the head of this excellent workmanship, expensive hat. Today, come to analyze for you to sum up how to make good use of this top-looking hat for their own style plus points it!

Gentleman hat in fact as early as the 17th century in the Western capitalist countries on the popular. With the men's fashion trend of continuous innovation, used to show the old class of hats gradually developed into modern men's essential accessories.

Formal hat

We usually say that the gentleman's hat consists of four parts: 1. hat crown; 2. Brim of a hat; 3.Hatband; 4. sweat belt (wrapped around the cap crown, our forehead and hat in direct contact with the part)

To be right to wear a gentleman hat, first of all to distinguish between its material and the season with. The general autumn and winter recommended the choice of dark wool material hat, both warm and the most appropriate fit our autumn and winter wears the dark clothing; and the spring and summer of the hat is basically just play a decorative role, which When the permeability of the material is extremely important, weaving straw hat or other good permeability material is a good choice, light-colored hat is the easiest to create a Mediterranean-style holiday Fan children.

The color of the hat material not only determines the effect of its wear, of course, is an important basis for pricing.

Many people think that the gentleman hat is only suitable for Westerners three-dimensional face, but it is not true, although compared to Asian men face more flat, but as long as the choice of the appropriate hat can also play a role in the modification of the face. Then, let's take a look at the case of the gentleman's hat that we collect for you! The following are the same as the "

How to wear a hat Graphical courtesy with the method Daquan

Choose a little narrow hat, slightly upward flip of the hat can make the overall shape is more sunny vitality, a change in the winter serious dress feeling.

Wool hat and long coat is the classic winter Ou Fan children with the hat can be a good long and long coat caused by the visual sense of heavy.

Compared to the heavy black, the camel's hat is actually more wild, since the decision to wear a hat concave concave shape, it is better to choose a warm camel gentleman hat it!

White knitting small hat is a lot of love wind style honeymoon wardrobe in a must-have single product, single with clean white shirt and casual suit, twinkling of an eye style romantic Playboy it!

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