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Hat quality and precautions

2017-06-16 19:21:37 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Church hats

A hat is divided into several key points:

First, first look at its material, the general material is divided into a.100% cotton b. Full sash c.tc is what we call sashimi.

1. How to distinguish the fabric material: the most simple and practical way is to prepare a light machine, cut a hat hidden part of a small point (to not affect the hat beautiful), with a light burner.

A. If it is cotton, after burning is the end of ash.

B. All sumps are a hard lump after burning.

C. Cotton, after burning the product is carbonized lumps, if the high cotton content, basically will not end the ball.

D. Other identification methods, can only be professionals to distinguish, so do not introduce.

2. Other accessories requirements, such as the cap to use a new plastic system, and so on.

Second, look at the whole hat of the lines are smooth and smooth, a good hat lines are very smooth. Will not bend.

Third, the hat of the degree of fit and flatness (head circumference size to suit their head circumference), a good hat to wear and look like the head is very obedient, and will not produce edges and corners. The feeling of wearing is also suitable for the depth, looks very compact feeling.

Fourth, the color of the match: the requirements of the whole hat with the color of harmony (printing, electric embroidery, etc.), peace (except personality highlights).

Five, the last is part of the sewing: the process requirements line 3.3cm in 9-11 needle, splicing parts close, sewing uniform. Wireless head, the whole hat clean, ironing rough, logo complete.

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