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Jazz hat for what face, jazz hat with what clothes

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What is the jersey hat? Big face people are very upset, empty want to play the tide of the determination, but always discouraged the hat, always thought that the hat is only suitable for facial features sharp Europeans. As we all know, the hat is a good thing, in the cold and windy for your shelter to bring warmth, but also in the summer for you hold up a cool, this wild trend of a single product, Xiao Bian will never give up The This issue of small series for everyone to share under the jazz cap for what face, I believe this article will certainly let everyone benefit,


Jazz hat for what face: Guo Zi face

Wide-brassy jazz for a relatively short face. Have to say that the jazz cap can play a very good modification effect, if a jazz cap with sunglasses, at least you can shoot when you give 7 points, these accessories style and material, enough to witness your details Degree of focus.

Jazz hat for what face: round face

The jazz cap and the cowboy hat are all rounded, but because of the part being rolled up to form an oval outline, especially the cowboy hat on both sides (the cowboy hat is not a denim-made hat, Called cowboys hat), you can stretch the face curve. The brim is slightly narrow, slightly upward jazz cap can make the overall shape is more sunny and dynamic, a change in the winter serious and deep dress feeling.

If you are self-proclaimed influx of people, then talk about the most essential single product, jazz hat is definitely one of them, and when the temperature is low, the wind and autumn weather, jazz cap's functionality and decorative even more Look, look at many fashion up to the dress, jazz cap can be an important tool for the finishing touch.

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