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Hat, easy to make you more fashionable

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What's the most attractive aspect of a hat?

Can be used as a shelter against the sun?

Objects that adorn themselves and reflect individuality

Or a mask of beauty that hides itself?


Perhaps every hat control has its own fascinating answer.

Referring to the hat, Xiao Bian to recommend you Philip, Treacy and Stephen Jones these two brands. In the eyes of these brands, hats are not only hats, but also works of art.

Brands are always interesting and trendy in their hats, such as Chanel's bowler hats, Rosetta Getty's pointed Panama hats, and the iconic look that once appeared as brands in the show and album.


Rosetta Getty

For a long time, hats have emerged as symbols of identity in people's lives. Now, of course you can use a hat freely, but at the same time it creates a problem of choice for us.

Why don't we start by understanding hats?.



The beret is one of the special forces cap the United States and Russia, Britain and other countries, in different countries the army will use different colors to distinguish.

Daily Beret is also popular, in addition to the color, we can use simple materials to distinguish them.

NO.1 felt beret

Felt beret shaping function will be better, in recent years, especially popular in some metal decorative felt beret badge or have the unique significance of the printing.

Chic beret and felt very wide winter coat are all kinds of collocation.

NO.2 Wool Beret

Wool Beret more soft and feminine, many French girl has a hat like that. Soft and comfortable winter sweater collocation with it, a single product is more suitable for velvet.

NO.3 Knit Beret

Not only can use a loose Knit Beret coarse knitting, can also choose those very delicate texture. In addition to the ordinary style, there are a lot of people love with some hollow and pattern weave Beret style.

The formal sense of relative to the blankets and wool, knitted Berets will bring much more women's naive and romantic.

Bowler hat

Because the brim of the hat extends out of a big circle, the brim hat is more suitable for wearing when going out.

It's a good shading effect, at the same time bring more intimate feeling and mysterious temperament, so many stars and ladies love.

Service cap

Different from other hat, cap for the first small cap, is not only a fashionable item, it has also been given more feelings, the daily wear and style with the attitude of the girl, more suitable for a ride.

The most fashionable cap must have some signs of decoration, such as in the rope buckle, spike, exquisite solemn dark lines etc..

Two extremes always wear a fashionable people love. The overall collocation has a broad and distinct line, and the rich layers and styles of mixing make the whole show a military sense of solemnity, which is most impressive.

The other is the opposite. With loose sweater knit dress, or Oversize suit fabrics as the main style of the whole, then to make fashion sense with a hard cap. This kind of collocation is more suitable for gentle temperament girls.

Toll cap

Relative to accessories, bags and other accessories, hats can reflect a person's temperament.

The hat is really nice, but it doesn't suit everyone. Those whose face is solid and chiseled can give them more color.

Baseball cap

Baseball caps are mainly popular in the United states. Baseball is a very popular sport in the United States, and most of the players wear a baseball cap, so many fans wear their favorite caps.

The NY baseball cap, representing the Yankees, is the star's favorite style.

Of course, baseball caps of all styles and brands are now popular all over the world. Do not say that the baseball cap of a single product, indeed have their own relatively distinct attributes.

On the whole, it is more suitable for girls who are fashionable and young, with a little personality and a little cool. For example, Rihanna, Gigi, Hardid, Kendall are baseball fans loyal fans.

The profile of exaggerated niche hat, such as a small bell shaped hat, cowboy hat, the peaked cap, cap style, can instantly refine style, let you in the crowd out of the ordinary.

Bell shaped cap

The bell cap is a bell shaped bonnet, popular in the United States from 1920s to 1933. It's so popular, it has a lot to do with popular curly hair and BOBO hairstyles at the time.

Its shape is also suitable for the era of all kinds of straight skirts, coats, shawls mixed mix.

"Downton Abbey" Downton Mary & Edith

Even today, an original bell cap can be a bit exaggerated, and of course, it's hard to get out of fashion.

A mix of modern and slightly improved bell shaped hats will bring you more elegance and a sense of fashion.

Newsboy cap

The Newsboy Cap paper children hat. Although it was humble, it reflected the importance of etiquette in other ways. Newsboy Cap has a unique temperament and elegant and witty.

Pork pie cap

The pork pie cap (Porkpie) is named for its shape like pork pie. Its biggest feature is the top round and flat, even slightly concave brim to turn the hard hat.

This hat is said to be a U.S. Civil war. It can be familiar and popular with more people, because in the early twentieth Century pork pie caps were the favorite of black artists, especially those playing jazz and blues.

Top hat top hat

Before 1820s, the hats belonged only to men and politicians in the upper class of Europe, and slowly became a hat for formal occasions after 20s.

We saw today that the magician loves to use this hat, and I suggest the girls like to learn street shots and put on a pair of beautiful earrings when wearing a top hat.

Panama hat

The Panama straw hat everyone loves when they are vacationing is actually from Ecuador. It is popular in the Panama Canal trade, foreign tourists see many Panamanians wearing this hat, it is called the Panama hat.

In many colonial films we see today, politicians and literati wear such straw hats, which have always been fashionable in the fashion world.

Peaked cap

The first is the hunter hunt peaked cap hat, therefore, also known as hunting cap. There are many people in this circle who like this hat very much, but there are not many people who can wear it. Girls who recommend the avant-garde style and the British style.

Woolen hat

By the time the temperature is a little bit lower, it's time for the wool cap to be the most popular.

Mao Xianmao is not only the best secret weapon of cold resistance in autumn and winter, but also easy to highlight a small face for people who are suited to it.

It's a very simple match, especially when the winter wear is too heavy, a sharp wool hat will help us visually "taller, thinner" point.

A sharp wool hat can make us look great when we have to choose dark clothes for the sake of being thin.

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