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How should a lady hat choose?

2017-06-21 11:48:44 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

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Most of the beautiful MM will like to use the hat to dress themselves, a suitable hat can not only make themselves very fashionable, at the same time, the hat in different seasons there are different shade and warm effect, the following to teach you , The lady's hat should be how to choose.

Choose a hat for your own color

Hats in the choice of color is a great stress, the color of the white people are suitable for wearing some bright color or slightly deeper color hat. People with darker tones are better suited to wear some hat-colored hats, gray and black are very suitable for people with darker skin colors.

Choose the hat for your size

The size of the hat is usually marked in the label, even if there is no mark in the description of the hat will be described in the hat for the head circumference. But there are some hats of the size that can be adjusted, such as baseball caps in the back of the hat there is a clockwork that can be adjusted. In the winter when the choice of wool cap is particularly important for their head size of the hat, large or small wool hat to wear up very discomfort and no beauty in terms of.

Choose a hat for your own material

The material for the hat is usually determined by the season, choose the appropriate material of the hat in different seasons can play a different shade and warm effect.

Choose a hat for your style

Hat style with the dress with a great relationship, but also with their own age also has a great relationship. The color of the hat is usually similar to the color of the dress, but a little bit of color can be. Young people can choose some fashionable new hats, such as the popular knitted Bei Lei wool cap and the ball with the helmet hat.

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