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How to buy baseball cap with

2017-06-22 16:54:24 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

baseball cap

In the time to buy a baseball cap, there must be some principles, (Polo Shirts) This is the overall harmony with the clothing must be. So try to wear a baseball cap should also stand in front of the mirror before considering whether the dress with the body commensurate.

1.The value of a baseball cap matches the value of clothing. Clothing is upscale, the hat can not be engaged. Notice, and clothing material texture hat will give a deep impression, on the contrary, even the clothes will become less.

2. can not ignore the dress code. That is: petite girl should choose to wear wide-brimmed hat, but the hat can not exceed the shoulder width. If you want to wear a baseball cap, you have to wear hat hat with a certain angle of the hat, which makes you do not appear heavy head, feet light.

3. Wear shoulder pads when the clothes should be wearing a hat hat at a certain angle, which will make you look chic, elegant, bearing extraordinary. However, flat roof can also be optional.

4. Wear printed clothing is best to choose to wear a darker baseball cap. With red or blue clothing can not wear a top white baseball cap, and blue or red baseball cap to make you eye-catching.

5. It is wrong to choose a baseball cap with the same color. Either the shoes and the bag is commensurate with the hat to form a contrasting color, or shoes, bags, hats and the proportion of the formation of contrast with the clothes.

6. the more long wear (sexy lingerie) hat is not too wide and bloated.

7. The forehead with "Liu Hai" girl can wear a hat back, that is worn on the back of the head; In addition, the choice of wearing flat roof no hat has a great charm.

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