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Hat to fight against ultraviolet sun summer sun concave shape necessary

2017-06-23 14:04:09 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Wearing a fine hat is not the privilege of winter Oh ~ summer can also choose a refreshing hat, sun shade at the same time can also be concave fashion modeling, so the small hat in the summer vacation is absolutely essential one of the single product, Together with the beauty of the female network to see it ~

white small hat

Style 1

With a demonstration: white small hat + purple sleeveless dress + white flat slippers + black leather bag

black hat

Style 2

With a demonstration: black hat + white sleeveless jacket + khaki high waist curling pants + silver T-shaped flat shoes

Small hat

Style 3

With a demonstration: gray sloppy blouse + white high waist tattoo shorts + black long section sunscreen + black thick sandals

Small hat

Style 4

With a demonstration: black shirt perspective bifurcation skirt + light blue cowboy short jacket + black boots + black hat

Small hat

Style 5

With the model: gray printed chiffon blouse + white loose shorts + khaki hat + pink flat sandals

Small hat

Style 6

With a demonstration: red print package hip skirt + bright yellow long section sunscreen + bright yellow leather bag + black sports shoes

small hat

Style 7

With the demonstration: pink purple word shoulder dress + cartoon flat sandals + black leather handbag + small hat

small hat

Style 8

With a demonstration: black wave point dress skirt + yellow sunscreen + black wave point flat shoes + small hat

Small hat

Style 9

With a demonstration: small hat + black print chiffon blouse + black perspective high waist trousers + brown leather bag

Small hat

Style 10

With a demonstration: white hat + white sleeveless irregular hem chiffon clothing + purple shorts + black flat sandals

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