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How to buy winter hat

2017-06-24 12:21:15 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read


A hat, especially the type of leisure, will make people look a new look, giving an unusual feeling. Here Xiaobian to teach you how to make the hat color and style with the clothes perfect match.

Steps / methods

1, to the color hat to add a white or beige ribbon can add a hat to the hat, the feeling of spring, especially the winter hat. This trick is particularly suitable for navy blue or dark red hat. It can make them more neutral.

2, winter wear a hat, the front of the hat in the middle of a brooch or tie pin.

For a loose hat style, in the front of the hat is close to the edge of the location of a strong metal texture of the brooch.

3, buy a scarf can be equipped with a hat, the scarf in the throat, the tail of the scarf into jeans or casual pants. This is very simple, mix and match can change all the clothing. This move even for casual shirts, sports shorts are more appropriate.

4, hat and shoes, tie or handbag with. Of course, there is no need to match with the above three, because it is more rare to do.

5, wearing a bright hat with bright lipstick. After finishing the makeup, wear a hat and look at the mirror in the bathroom. If you wear a hat color is red or orange, then you have to add some other color on the face. With a strap from your favorite clothes on the decorative hat. Of course, to remove the flowers on the hat decoration, and then fixed the tape on the hat.

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