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How to choose the outdoor hat

2017-06-26 17:13:32 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Beach hat

In the outdoor products, the hat is one of the most easy to overlook the outdoor equipment, and in addition to the relevant information with the hat to buy less. This is mainly because the average player, casually a hat can be, mainly shade, there is no real understanding of the role of hat for outdoor sports. From here you can see, the real sense of the ALICE is not much. Do an ALICE is not just can endure hard on the line, but also a wealth of outdoor knowledge, if we always head of experience, is never self-reliance to become a good ALICE.

Outdoor sports and travel different, no matter what the weather, there are problems of physical exertion. People's physical exertion and calorie distribution is proportional, and more than 60% of the heat is distributed through the head, so the hat in the outdoor movement of the main function is to prevent the heat spread too fast, to prevent the cold cold, rather than Ordinary travel in the sun, so in all the outdoor sports, be sure to wear a hat Oh.

There are many types of hats in outdoor products, from the material points:

One, ordinary type, this and tourism cap exactly the same, so for beginners, as long as the usual travel cap on the line;

Second, the waterproof type, this hat breathable type almost, but wins in the wind and rain, suitable for relatively high demand ALICE;

Three, waterproof and breathable type, is a high-grade varieties, common GORE-TEX materials, they are more than 3,000 meters above sea level when the donkey line necessities, like Tibet, Yunnan and other high-altitude attractions, with a GORE- TEX hat, of course, is the best choice, in general, for us only low difficulty outdoor sports enthusiasts, not recommended to use, unless you high fever 40 degrees or good money, is a donkey.

From the shape to the points, there are several, the most worthy of recommendation is the jungle type, like the Japanese wizards in World War II wearing a cap, the kind of sub-Russell spot that is characterized by the most vulnerable to protect the most afraid of the neck. But MM may not like, donkey line to maintain the beauty of it! Travel, the hat in turn cover the neck is also OK Well, when the camera is positive, but also a lovely little donkey, wearing also cute! Multi-functional devil cap (jungle-style hat) that protects the neck.

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