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How beautiful the summer peaked cap collocation

2017-06-27 13:36:16 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

peaked cap

Is a relatively common peaked cap hat in daily life, it is mainly to block the sun, with the use of clothing. Well, in order to make your collocation more beautiful and personality, how to do it?.

If you really feel that the street style is too simple, may wish to prepare a top leisure sports fan is a good helper for you it peaked cap, the other, do not need too many small ornaments, can let you peaked cap style leisure, handsome, but to see what the best collocation peaked cap?

1, peaked cap + letters spell color: the letter a long paragraph sweater loose color gown also has sports fan Oh, collocation a peaked cap fits. Leisure gown, but not with hat visual conflict, piles of casual shoes and socks collocation is very stylish. Wearing sunglasses is even more handsome.

2, peaked cap + T-shirt + bag hip skirt: bag hip skirt can also peaked cap and a faction. Casual loose T-shirt collocation pure color bag hip skirt full of youthful color, and peaked cap mix, as long as the use of sneakers to balance the style of the collision ok.

How collocation peaked cap in winter

Winter three treasures: hat, scarf and gloves, and now has become the protagonist of street dress, and other functions in this hat three treasure is undoubtedly the largest, it not only determines your body type is not enough enough to have a range of children, can protect the cold in winter you are most likely to send the heat in the head, let your body warm up.

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