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Washing and maintenance methods for hats

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Summer Straw Hat

Hat should pay attention to maintenance and storage. Hat off, do not casually put, should be placed on the hat rack, or hook on the top do not weight, so as to avoid aliasing deformation. Hat for a long time, the hat will be stained with grease, dirt, to wash away in time. Cap lining can be removed and washed, and then stretched on the cap to cover the sweat stained moldy, affecting the life of the hat. The gray on the hat should always brush. Adhesive on the cap surface of the sludge, grease, can be soft brush dipped in hot soapy water gently scrub, and then washed with water. When washing the hat, you can find a hat and the same size of the round pot or porcelain basin, the hat on the above and then wash the brush, so as to avoid aliasing.

Hat collection: to brush to dust, wash away the dirt, in the sun for a while, and then wrapped in paper, placed in a hat box, stored in a ventilated, dry place, while in the storage box built desiccant to Moisture resistance.

Hat cleaning is more special, there can not be soaked (such as feathers, sequins, or a paper-type hat, etc.), if the hat cotton can be washed, paper pad, then this hat is only rub can not wash, because He is a three-dimensional shape, so the most taboo with a washing machine.

General hat of the correct washing is:

1, if the hat on the ornaments should be removed.

2, cleaning the hat should first use water plus neutral detergent slightly soaked.

3, with a soft brush gently scrub.

4, the inner band sweater part of the contact with the first part of the lottery more than a few times to thoroughly wash sweat and bacteria, of course, if you choose the anti-bacterial deodorant material that this step is free.

5, the hat folded into four, gently get rid of water, can not use the washing machine dehydration.

6, the hat spread out, which stuffed the old towel, flat dry, avoid hanging dry.

The proper washing of the special hat is:

1, the cap can be wiped with onion slices, you can cloth dipped in gasoline along the hair to wipe, you can achieve a good washing effect.

2, fine felt on the stains can be added with the same amount of ammonia mixture of alcohol scrub. First with a piece of silk dipped in this mixture, and then scrub. Can not make the hat too wet, or easy to take shape.

3, knitwear hat after the best to the hat filled with crumpled paper and cloth, and then dry.

4, wool hat, do not wash, because the wool will shrink.How hat if the dust or pet hair, etc., you can use wide-band tape, fold set in the fingers stick up, you can remove the surface dust. Times cleaning, but easy to shorten the life, if you have to wash to the extent that the use of dry cleaning is the most appropriate way.

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