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Men's straw hat with summer concave shape indispensable weapon

2017-06-30 11:55:23 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Men's straw hat with a good wear can not be separated from the concave shape of the weapon, and this summer, the most able to embellish your body LOOK is definitely a handsome straw hat, and can block the UV, lightweight and comfortable. Pocketed the rate!

The history of the largest men's feast Florence men's week in full swing, street beat uncle small fresh meat is not greasy, and careful fashion can be found at a glance. Men's Week this week was a straw hat tyrants! Whether it is gentleman or hippie, they are all put on a straw hat, not just shade, men's week street shooting, the biggest role is of course concave shape! Today we have to inventory the inventory of these personality straw hat!

Straw hat with suit

This year's men feast, the suit appearance rate is the highest! Suit is the standard of male gods, whether it is a young casual suit, or a serious business suit, or the British retro checkered suit, all show your gentleman's demeanor.

This year, fashion bars are invariably for a suit with a grass to concave shape. Most of these handsome straw hats come from the famous hood factory in Paris Maison Michel.

Straw ribbon on the ribbon color and suit or tie the same color, echo each other, reflect your skills and skills with the mix.

In addition to handsome jazz hat, flat straw hat style more personality

Blue and green straw hat and blue and green checkered suit with each other complement each other, pocketed the rate. Breaking the serious sense of suit, for the whole body LOOK into the "coquettish" atmosphere.

Straw hat with shirt

Straw hat with a shirt is even more young, blue and white striped shirt men's wardrobe and ultimately, a straw hat for you to bring a good mood of the holiday wind.

Print shirt unique personality, as you attract the eye at the same time, a straw hat and shirt mix and match, and instantly from passers-by image.

Denim shirt and straw hat on the blue ribbon decorated echo each other, neck and then wear a blue printing scarf, add enough fashion index!

Straw hat with jacket

Yellow straw hat and khaki jacket jacket with the body simple and has a little rebellious attitude, and create a rich sense of hierarchy.

Straw hat other street beat with:

Even in the men's week street shooting, we can see many women figure, compared to men wearing a straw hat, "disguised as men" with a straw hat, it is to attract the eye.

Maison Michel's "M" letters are very recognizable.

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