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Who Says That Big Face People Can Not Wear Hat?

2017-07-05 11:43:12 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

We have to admit that some nationality are handsome.Any accessories are suitable for them.

We should learn some tips to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses.Let us introduce some big faces and how do these people choose suitable hats.


1.Square face

Knitted hats are most suitable for square face.The material is soft and it dose not have obvious line,so it can soften your face curve.And either side of the edge can make your face become longer,modify face well. 


Knitted hats


Except knitted caps,big face people can wear gentleman style bowler hats,wide brim hat,small hat,Homburg and so on. Circular brim can weaken corner angle of rectangular shapes.Square face men can wear hat with circular brim.This is the new chance which you will get rid of the original image and show inner identity.


Now ,a few people are willing to to try to wear bowler hats.In the 18th and 19th century, it is status symbol of English gentleman.Sorehead nobility kept a bowler hat to show The pure gentleman descent.It is suitable to wear bowler hat in this season,It keep warm and looks nice with your wool coat and leather gloves.We call them as “gentleman three-piece suit”!


Bowler hats


The bucket hat style is different with bowler hats,but operating principle is similar.Most of bucket hats is made of breathable cotton material,the brim is soft.It can bring unique temperament and make you become grazing man.It is good partner when you hike trip.


bucket hat


2.Round face

The good collocation of round face are beanies,beanies are different with knitted cap.The line of beanie is thicker than knitted cap.It can keep cap shape.The secret of collocation for round face is to make facial lines become longer or break round lines of head.


Beanie styles are rich.,different weave and pattern,modelling is different.Business warm men can wear plain color beanie.When go to date or the weekend party,try to wear ABERCROMBIE&FITCH   beanie with reindeer pattern.


knitted cap


Except beanie,cap and corps of cap are good choice of round face.Round face people should avoid hat with round brim.If round face people wear round brim hat,the face will look more round.

The brim of Jazz cap and cowboy cap is round,but part of curly brim can form elliptic contour.

Especially cowboy hats,on either side of the brim is rolled up,it can make facial lines become longer.Narrow and rolled brim hats can make whole moldelling more active,change winter dress sense.


Jazz cap


Peaked cap is good partner of round face.This kind of wool cap was widespread in 19 th-century Britain and Ireland.No matter trendy bicycle men and women after the industrial revolution,or the leisure golf noble gentleman,they had to have the one.Retro cycling bring retro.Primitive simplicity gentleman style is the current fashion trend.Please try to wear.Newsboy cap is similar with peaked cap.


peaked cap


3.square face

Square face,upper is narrow,under is wide.The people must choose wide brim hats,it can shade 1/3 of the face.Wide brim hat style is rich,it changed many times after it appeared in the 18th century.Especially,shallow fedora hat,many politicians and celebrities like it very much.In movie 《Casablanca》, Humphrey Bogart played the role of indifferent actor,Rick,he wore fedora,classic image is all the rage.

Right picture is the role which Humphrey Bogart played in 《Casablanca》.So Fedora with wool coat,they are fashion forever .Except fedora,wide brim hat,panama hat can modify square face well.




The width of fedora can be adjusted according to different square face.So we suggest men to choose suitable hats which can modify face greatly.

Wide fedora is suitable for short square face,we have to say that hats have good decoration effect.If you wear a hat and sunglasses,When taking snapshots on the street,you will get high scores.The style and material of accessories can show your degree of focus for details.


wide brim hat


Little pillbox hat is suitable for long square face,little pillbox hat style is rich,wool material,straw.Some hats are made of leather with feather decoration,The style can make you satisfied.In addition,square face people can try to wear knitted cap,it can modify face,make the upper part of the head more wider.It can weaken contrast.


little pillbox hat

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