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What are the types of hats

2016-10-17 13:39:48 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

What are the types of hats

See autumn and winter slowly approaching, so dressing has become so embarrassing season, to prepare a stylish ladies hat is essential. The type of hat is varied, and now a variety of hats are in silence on the occasion of contests, which type of hat is best for you? Together to understand what kind of hat after, perhaps the answer will be solved Oh. What kind of hat? Today, the types of hats have been derived from a variety of early all kinds of various styles. According to the use, function and material can be subdivided into many advanced.

Hat from the use of the types of commonly used are: sun hat, nightcap, sun hat, helmets and so on.

Hat type from the material up to the common: wool hat, straw hat, woven hat, leather cap and so on.

Hat from the type of sub-commonly used styles are: cap, forward cap, beret, cap and so on.

After the introduction of the type of hat, let us take a look at their favorite mm usually several popular hat, with a straw hat in the summer will be able to get no small help yo.

Summer to go out what can be less, but ultimately, both a sun shade and sweet popular weaving straw hat, whether you are a family of beach followers, or Japanese garden style small LOLI, a lovely and practical straw hat to bring you The "safe" and "cute" is no doubt Oh! Handsome smart wind swept to the retro forward style and punk style overall style of dress to touch in the fast-changing trend of the impression is still under the impressive performance of the fashion, the usual small and charming little uninhibited MM who, Want to change your style, experience a cool full punk dress it?