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Top Hat 

Top Hat

Also known as Silk Hat, Plug Hat, Cylinder Hat, Chimney Pot Hat, Stove Pipe Hat and a Topper.

The Top Hat is a man's tall, cylindrical, flat-crowned hat with a narrow brim. They are usually made of silk plush, although in the 19th and early 20th centuries they would have been made of beaver felt.

U.S. President Abraham Lincoln made this hat hugely popular. Today, one would only see a top hat with a costume or in the performing arts. Similar forms exist, but they are not as tall as the original design. Most people hesitate to wear this type of old-fashioned hat, and a miniature version is available as a substitute. 

Bowler Hat 

Bowler Hat

Also known as a Derby, Coke Hat and a Billycock.

The Bowler is moulded from felt into a bowl-shaped hat with a rounded crown and a small curved brim, which is usually trimmed with ribbon. The Bowler was manufactured by the Bowler Brothers in the mid-1800s for business owner William Coke. Coke wanted the hat to serve as protective headgear against branches while riding a horse. It is also known as the Derby, as it was made popular by the Earl of Derby, England, in the 19th century.

The hat has become a British cultural icon, mostly through performers such as Charlie Chaplin and Laurel and Hardy. It became widely adopted because it was seen to be less formal than the top hat, which was traditionally associated with the upper classes, but more respectable than the casual soft felt hats worn by the lower and middle classes.

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