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Fedora hat

A Fedora is a felt hat with a lengthwise crease in the crown, and has a pinch at the front of both sides. The brim goes all the way around the hat, and usually features a belt or ribbon at the base of the crown.


The name Fedora originates from the Austrian Tyrol in the 1930s, but was named after a play performed in Paris in 1882.The hat has been fashionable since the 20th century, first worn by women, but later by men too.


As a result of its successful design, this shape influenced many more hats during the 20th century, including the Homburg Hat, which was particularly popular among men. What differentiates the Homburg Hat from the Fedora is that the latter can be made with a longer or shorter brim and the crown can be shaped a bit differently, while the Homburg is basically fixed in shape.


The Trilby hat is similar to the Fedora although it typically has a shorter brim, which is distinctly more sharply upturned at the back.


The Fedora can be made in any colour combination, sometimes knitted, or in a funky print. Usually the belt and hat colour contrast with one another. The Indiana Jones hat is a Fedora type felt hat with a pinch in the crown and a wide turned-down brim. It acquired its name from the Indiana Jones movies in which the hero wore different versions of the hat. These movies are credited by those in the hat industry for making these types of hats stylish and popular again among travelers, especially those on safari expeditions.



Trilby hat


The Trilby is a men's soft felt hat with a narrow flexible brim and a low indented crown. Historically, it was made from felted rabbit fur, however today we can find it made from wool. The name Trilby came from George du Maurier's novel Trilby which was staged in 1895. The female heroine, Trilby O'Ferral, wore the soft indented hat on stage during the first London production of the play. The Trilby is very similar to the Fedora, however it has a shorter brim which is turned up at the back.


The Trilby was made popular when men started rejecting the formal stiff top hats that were common at the time. Today the Trilby is very fashionable and a hit with the ladies, as the brim is short and flirty. Trilbies come in all sorts of fabrics  some made from wool, felted tweed, or an elegant contrasting grosgrain ribbon. It can be trimmed with feathers and flowers as well, creating an effect of theatrical eccentricity.

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