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How to wear a beret more stylish

2016-10-21 11:40:53 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

How to wear a beret more stylish

The beret is a lot of girls favorite hat, no matter what season,it can be wear. No matter what kind of style you are, as long as wearing a beret,your temperament will be increased a lot. So how to wear a beret? The following is a brief introduction.

Most girls are focusing on the hat because of the collocation. It not only reflects your personal temperament, but also elegance. But now there are so many kinds of common hats on the market. Such as: beret,straw hats,felt hats,peaked caps and so on. It leads to difficult choices for some girls. They should make decision according to their own collocation. The wearing of the hat must be coordinated with the style and color of the clothes, so as to ensure the harmony of the whole.  

Now the weather has been gradually cool, a lot of people have been wearing a woolen coat or jacket. So the color has become dark. But the dark clothing will inevitably seem dull and not energy. At that time,you just need to wear a light colored or camel lines beret,then it can be integrated ,as well as in accordance with the style of clothing color.

Wearing a dark gray Korean woolen collocation,to go with a black leggings and high-heeled shoes. And then wearing a beret in camel with perfect makeup. What are you waiting for? Have a date with beautiful girls!