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How to wear the berets to show you young?

2016-10-22 08:38:43 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

How to wear the berets to show you young?

Berets are one of the popular accessories in autumn and winter,but berets color is very rich.

The popular color is different every year.If you choose wrong color,it may not make you show young.Compared with other colors,red berets are difficult to collocate with cloths.

How to collocate to make you young?Let us describe simply.

1.Black Berets are common

You can wear arrisways and wear Korean style wool dress,dress in tight black leggings..This collocation method is suitable for little fat girls.It can cover effectively the body of the meat.And make you fashion and noble.

2.Camel Berets

Camel is the most classic color,you can wear cool and vintage clothes.It will bring England felling.Make yourself unique and reticent,it can show personal taste.

3.Red Berets

Red berets is the most difficult to collocate,especially vivid red.Whoever wear it will attract the attention of others.Entire modelling is elegant style.It can show youthful vigor and young.

We introduce several common berets,hope you can refer.If you like England style, you can wear blue berets,it can show you thin and help you improve personal temperament.