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Autumn and winter beret hat fashion dress up with

2016-10-24 09:26:00 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Autumn and winter beret hat fashion dress up with

Hat is a fashionable person out of the year with a must-have items, one of the seemingly simple and simple hat, it can make your dress with more colorful, enhance the overall degree of fashion, in this autumn howling Season, a certain fashion in addition to the new berets for you to add highlights, it is warm and warm the beauty of both parties


A stylish hat will make you with the dress with passion and creativity, this British pure wool bow beret, winter dull dress for fun, wool warm and comfortable texture, with a sweet bow, not only In the winter has a warm effect, the shape is refined and elegant, so you become crazy Kanao modeling of people

wool felt beret

Personality full of hat is to "passers-by" instantaneous change "type" of the magical props. This retro elegant beret, very low-key elegant gray, the classic style for the hat to add a sense of luxury, color is not so dazzling but full of art. Is such a simple, no matter what you dress with any kind, make the visual sensory effect reached a climax.