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This hairstyle is more suitable for the beret

2016-10-27 18:20:59 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

This hairstyle is more suitable for the beret

I believe that many girls mentioned Beret are not unfamiliar, it has always been the darling girl accessories, some girls don't know how to wear the beret, in fact, is not suitable for all people, but according to the hair and face collocation, here we look at.

1, short hair

Beret there are many kinds of styles and colors in the selection when you need to pay attention to, if there is a wide front cap is more suitable for girls to wear face these hats, want to take out the fashion sense of the best hair bobbed hair is collocation.

2, in the long hair

In the long hair is always a lot of girls favorite, if you want to wear a beret, can choose the oval Beret style, because this style of hat will only be able to head an area covered, so more suitable for long hair, also suitable for girls to wear face melon seeds.

3, thin oblique bangs

In recent years, the most popular Korean hairstyle is nothing more than a thin fringe, this style is suitable for collocation is Hat Beret, both collocation of words will be very significant temperament, more suitable for baby face girls wear, for the selection of color can choose some light color, give a person a kind of sweet feeling.

Winter is the most collocation hat is beret, it is winter all-match essential accessories, so as to choose a suitable for your beret, you can improve your temperament.