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Straw hat maintenance skills

2016-10-29 14:07:46 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Straw hat maintenance skills

Straw hat refers to use the material such as straw stalks, coir rope weaves and into a hat, relative to other hat it has wide brim, can be used to prevent bask in, shading, etc., but with a straw hat knows that its wear period is short, so you need to pay attention to maintenance work very much. Let's take a look at what are the maintenance skills?

A, ash

In straw hats don't wear in time of need to purchase a dedicated cap to support, so that it can protect the hat from the deformation, will not affect the wearing effect of next time, if don't take it for a long time, can be in the hat top with a layer of plastic bags or cloth, prevent dirt to enter.

B, moistureproof

Straw hat is easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp, after the hat worn hat up need to be placed in ventilated place, air basks in a few minutes later can remove moisture, prevent to be affected with damp be affected with damp.

C, clean

Hats take a long time, it is easy to dirty, at this time as long as cotton wet, wiped gently on the hat, and then placed in dry ventilated place, it is important to note never put on plastic bags when wet, so it is easy to cause straw hat happened due to damp mildew.

In the process of using straw hat, you need to pay special attention to the relevant maintenance work, only to do a good job of maintenance can be effective to extend the time of use, hope to be of help.