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Maintenance skills for straw hat

2016-11-01 18:27:43 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Maintenance skills for straw hat

Straw hat refers to the hat weaved by the materials such as straw, brown rope, but compared with other hats, it has a broader brim which can be used to sunscreen and shade and so on .But people who wear this hat before must know that this hat has a short lifetime for wearing, so much more attention must be paid to the maintenance skills. Let us check how many skills for the maintenance of straw hat?

1.Dust –proof 

When not wearing this hat, a hat stand is necessary to make it stretched, so the shape of the hat can not be changed, and will not have any effect on next wearing. If do not wear it for a long time, a plastic bag or a piece of cloth is suggest to cover the hat, so the hat is dust-proof.


Straw hat will get wet easily, and after wearing it, turn over the hat to its upper side and put it in a ventilation place, drying it for a few minutes, and then the wet can be get rid of easily, and will not be affected with damp.


The hat will be dirty after a long wearing time, and as for that, you can use a piece of wet cotton cloth to get rid of the dirt and put it in a ventilation place to dry. The most important is that you cannot cover a plastic bag over it when it is still wet, otherwise it will get mildew under that condition.

When wearing straw hat, much more attention must be paid to the related maintenance skills. Once that work is well done, then the lifetime will be much longer than before, and hoping this is useful for you all.