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How to choose a right cloth hat on the basis of self-condition

2016-11-03 09:17:23 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

How to choose a right cloth hat on the basis of self-condition 

Cloth hat is loved by most girls all the time, and choosing a right hat can push their temperament to a new level and enhance their confidence .But their self-conditions are different, so how to choose a right hat on the basis of self –condition?


As for girls with tall figures, they should avoid choosing small hats; otherwise people will have a top-heavy feeling about them, that is to say hats with wide brim are suitable for them. In the opposite, girls with small figures had better choose sweet style hats, try to avoid exposing their own shortcomings as far as possible.


For ruddy looking girls ,there is a wide range of choices about these cloth hats ,basically they can wear hats with all types and colors .For fair skin girls , they can choose warm color hats ,and avoid choosing white and creamy-white color hats ,otherwise people will think maybe they are under a sub-health condition . Dark skin girls, they can choose hats with bright colors, to enhance comparison, and it will turns out with good effects.

At the same time, face shapes should be considered when choosing right hats .Such as girls with egg-shaped and oval faces can wear all types of cloth hats. If with somewhat round faces, they should consider wearing hats with asymmetry brims, as that will make their faces looking small from visual .All in all, if they want to have a good match with cloth hats and look fashionable, they should pay more attention to their self-conditions.