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Learn it! Wear knitted hat like this -looks stylish

2016-11-04 09:08:51 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Learn it! Wear knitted hat like this -looks stylish 

Knitted hats are popular during fall and winter seasons, as they can not only keep you warm, but also enhance your charm. Then knitted hats with variety of styles have become your favorite decoration items, and also they can solve the problem effiently -due to the cold weather people are not willing to wash their hairs. But some really do not know how to match a knitted hat well, so here we will go though the details below together.

1.Basic types 

This kind of hats are suitable for round faces and square-shape faces, as these hats can cover the upper half parts of the ears efficiently, and at the same time if pull the hats up a little, and then your faces will look more slender from visual which is a good modification. What is more, these hats can enlarge your figure proportion, and make the overall height increased.

2.Reverse fold types

This kind of hats belongs to the basic types, but some extended styles have been added on the basis of that. These types of hats mainly use the reverse foldable function to create layering, and these are suitable for people with longer faces, and will do much help on the modifying of faces.

3.Puffing types

Wearing these puffing hats will reveal a kind of casual but not lazy feeling, and this type of hats are the favorites of many stars. 

Knitted hats are common among all the hats, if you match that well then different styles will come out then and that will be fittable for different occasions.