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Fisherman Hat development process

2016-11-06 17:24:38 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Fisherman Hat development process

Fisherman's hat in English direct translation is a bucket hat, and this hat quite a lift, is also more appropriate, edge feature of it is relatively small, so a small side of the visor, but on both sides of the head is so deep that it opened a small mouth, used to heat.

Just started this hat is made with wool, and then of Ireland who is popular with the hat, mainly wool is water resistant, so people like to visit. But now it seems there is very little and is made of polyester,

In the United States in the early days of a character in the TV comedy, from beginning to end, wearing a hat, but there is a little story, that is when the person is old while wearing a fisherman's hat there gave him a bowl of free soup. Later, a band of boys sang a fisherman hat, also sings this individual.

Israel independence when a called fools Cap hat has come out, it was because the weather was hot, the soldiers need to shade. At first they used the headscarf, like the Arabs, but it can be confusing, and finally increased to resemble fisherman hat, known now in use, and also represented their freedom and independence.

Now fisherman hat, a variety is also very beautiful, classic black, printing is also available with a variety of patterns.