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Hats and clothing matching method

2016-11-07 08:53:21 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Hats and clothing matching method

Hats as a fashion decorative objects, you can not only use it to also cover the enormous face now to introduce several methods of matching hat.

1, if you are wearing a blue-striped shirt, complete with a pink suit jacket and pants, preferably with a white, flat-brimmed hat on, which adds gracefulness.

2, if you wear a hard hat, then you should wear a loose coat, it is best to take a white handbag.

3, if you wear a black dress, took out a white coat and black tights, then we should be accompanied by a soft black felt hat, which is warm and elegant.

4, if you are a white shirt with a dark green Soviet coat and blue jeans, dressed to wear a dark green flat-brimmed hat, can seem shy, and especially the Cowboys.

5, if you wear dark brown long woolen coat, put on a long black, we should match a dark brown berets, look elegant and warm.

6, if you wear black woolen cloth coat, with black leggings, also wore a pair of white sneakers, dressed like this to catch a rainbow knitted Hat look youthful.

7, if we wear white woolen cloth coat and black tights, got a pair of black boots, then wear a black wool hat.