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Hairstyle with knit hat jacket beautiful Korea fan

2016-11-09 09:30:58 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Hairstyle with knit hat jacket beautiful Korea fan


So bloated in the winter season, if you want to wear a stylish feel is difficult, but wore a knitted cap will be able to solve these problems, both stylish and warm, then how to choose the hair and go with it? Here we take a look at.


Tie + knitted hats


Low zhafa and knitted caps are a good match, this simple low ponytail makes people feel a kind of lazy, casual feel, knit hats to wear, don't cover all hair, but natural, inadvertently revealing several song volume small bangs, and inexplicable increase the feeling of a little cute, warm yet fashionable. Can give a Korea fan.


Long hair + knitted hats


Long curly hair is Korea girls love, if the combination of a knit hat, you can wear a distinctive feel, the wavy hair loose over her shoulders, leaning knitting will give people a sense of full of girls, knit hat color and should be harmonized with the overall mix of, not too strident.


If you want to show off a sweet style, you can use double ponytail or braided, and then with a sweet series of knitted hats will make your entire being is sprouting da.