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What are the main method of artificial straw hat

2016-11-12 11:01:45 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

What are the main method of artificial straw hat

Straw hat as the name suggests is formed by the straw, compilation of useful plants, and mats of grass and straw produced, it also uses bamboo or coir rope. This hat is wide, it can rain-shading effect is quite good. Straw hat which continued for a long time, there are hundreds of old.

We all heard of Mexico straw, because of the high temperatures, in tropical and subtropical regions, so the agriculture and animal husbandry are really good here, live here no matter what adults and children wearing a big straw hat, has become Mexico State's second national emblem, reflecting the flavor of life in this country, we take a look at the preparation of the following methods

1 choose materials

With different straw into seven plaits, hit the end of spiral, go in that spot with the straw hats set live in the machine, the seven straw hat on the side of good, summer is cool and breathable.

2, Pro and con statements
In after complete rows, make a knot every two adjacent rows, it becomes a lot witha lot of holes.

3, single
This is a knot every four shares, and then just like braid, and prepare it. Four two or three, and then a mat, pick four more sets of one, four, repeating.

4, double
Double is a form without the restructuring, in the interval a little distance to make asecond knot, then the two combined, made twice in a row.

5, round copper eyes

Is single and combination square.

Probably have these artificial straw hat weaving methods, of course, not professionals are not fancies, may wish to select a ready-made hat.