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Straw hat weaving method

2016-11-17 14:10:31 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Straw hat weaving method

Straw hat generally refers to the use of seaweed, mat grass, wheat straw, bamboo sticks or Manila knitting hat, brim is wide. Can be used to block rain, shade and rest when put in the hat, the clothes in case the stained with dust.


Wheat straw (grass, wheat straw, bamboo or coir rope, etc) into seven plaits, screw by hand-shaped bottom, playing again after the end of the straw hat nailed into knitting or straw hat. Finally on the brim with seven braided grass around. Wearing this straw hat in summer, shading and ventilation, is very cool.

Pros and cons knot

After row over hundred knots, again in groups of two adjacent knots, hundreds of spinning a Web hole.


Cord attached to the line every four shares as a group, the fourth unit on the second unit, the third unit, and then under the cushion into the second unit, the third unit of the first unit, then pick four sets of first unit, the first unit pressed the fourth unit.

Holds the first unit under the cushion into the second, third, and fourth pick first unit, the second unit, the first units of the press after the third, tightened down the first unit, the fourth unit, straightening the second unit, the third unit, into a single knot.

Addendum to complete the first section, restructuring will be the first, second and third and fourth respectively and the other two combinations of adjacent groups, make up the second row knot.

Double knot

Double knot is after playing the first single not restructured, then made the second after the interval a little distance the same knot, and then combined with the two adjacent units. Knot series twice in a row, that is, into a double knot.

Round copper eyes

Round copper eyes is a combination of square and single. The specific method is: the cord attached to the line six unit

A group, first to one or two, and five or six unit into single knot, again will three or four unit cross knot, third unit around v unit, VI unit pulled to right, fourth unit around second unit, first unit pulled to left; so playing finished a row Hou, will adjacent the Group of middle two unit mutual cross around knot, will Qian a group of third unit right pulled, and the Group fourth unit cross Hou around first unit, and second unit, Hou a group fourth unit to Zola, and the Group third unit cross Hou around sixth unit, and v unit, and Qian a group sixth unit intersect into knot, At this point a complete round copper eyes into.