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Select a hat if the peach blossom silk

2016-11-18 10:01:00 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Select a hat if the peach blossom silk

Part 1, "cap" to pick a hair

A wide-brimmed straw hat

This kind of hat brim is wide and large, plus Hat decoration of flowers, it looks nice and stylish, and of course, with a hint of sweet pastoral. So go with this kind of hat must have two free to tie up the braid. Whether sweet or is the girl in the atmosphere, by the right hairstyles match the right hat, and produce a pleasing sense of kind of sweet. Even more crucial is that this type of hat and sunscreen for hundred percent Oh!

Baseball Cap

If you have a spiral roll of hair, it is equipped with a baseball cap! m-can fade a baseball cap is too gentle and feminine, so you become more active. Whether you're straight or curly hair, just like hair tied up, baseball cap is a good choice, lazy loose hair can reveal a little woman sexy.

Super wide-brimmed Sun Hat

Super wide-brimmed Sun Hat soft and feminine charm, reciting blows there is a say a woman. If such a CAP has a vertical on the beautiful head of hair, exudes pure clean scent.

Rattan fisherman Hat

Rattan fisherman Hat

Every season there is a different color of rattan fisherman Hat quietly bloomed in the fashion world, so do not think that it will be out of date. If you have a micro-volume of air with long hair, you should choose this style of hat. In addition, the short hair girl is also suitable for wearing, but before the hat should keep their hair offwith a pigtail.


This seems to be most of the 450 's trend of gold symbols, today still wanton rampage in the fashion industry. Its magic is always easy to enhance any woman's temperament. So, if you always feel left behind, may wish to select a cap for the new season. Buckle slightly long hair, fine vintage with some cool, the most suitable matching Cap. In addition, you cute, always Qi Liu, like brushing her pretty little braided, CAP will you decorate cool.

Vintage small hat

If you like your hair becomes slightly loose chignon and want to wear a hat to fit, the British retro small style hat will not only satisfy your desire, but also decorate your beauty.

Small straw hat

Smallcomfortable and natural straw hat, is the first choice for summer travel. Likethe girl pick the hair color dyed into different colors, scenery go out wearing this type of hat.

Wide brim hat

Part 2"cap" reflected beauty

A Hat will not only cover defects of the face, pretty face can also be xiurun more attractive.

Oval face

To recommend hat to face Belle, must be flat CAP, Cap brim will keep an angular face look more beautiful. If you think your face is too sharpor weight loss, you canwear Cap right on your head, make the face look fuller. Face very skinny people, you should choose this way of wearing, horizontal angle will make your face and Chin seem wider. In addition, the soft line, wide-brimmed hat to ease the sharp contours of the face, increased sense of mellow, insufficient effective modification; soft pink, beige facial skin can be set off by shine.

Long face

Baseball Cap with a brim always make people not see the wearer's eyes and forehead, no matter how wide and how long it is forehead who are the brim block, trompe l ' effect and shielding effect will effectively slow the long-faced a sudden sense of decoration face. In addition, looks round Hat visually shorten long, ease lengthwise lines in the face, round and delicate face, lifted long beauty problems.

Square face

Sleek rounded dome Cap increase face rounded, with a style to a button, improve face tough contours and lines, make the face more softer. In addition, next to the ball of wool hat with two ears and hair to a volume in the cheeks, you can effectively block protruding lower jaw bone.

Round faces

The broad-brimmed hat brim out, texture stiffness, wear the beauty of a face too round head, strong lines, can effectively eliminate the feeling of the face is too round, and the Visual effect of elongated facial lines.

Part 3"hat" tricks

Need to color match the color of the hat, yellow skin must not choose yellow brimhat.

Hat material must not be identical to the clothing, such as wearing a leather jacket,you will want to tune select leather hat with clothes, this will only result in fashion disaster, because good things mix together is not necessarily a perfect dress up. Leather paired with a knit small cap or a cute newsboy cap, the effect will be better.

When participating in activities such as a dinner or awards ceremony, you will wantto highlight the personalities, wearing a baseball cap and or locomotive Hat appears, it will make you look very relaxed casual dress, easy temperament has lost.

Select a male after flavor of Fedora, doesn't mean you need to give up the gorgeous dress and dazzling jewelry. In fact, female Cara's dress to go with a masculineHat will make you more sexy.