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Introduce your hat type

2016-11-21 13:42:58 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Introduce your hat type

Popular elements, phone control, watch control, vehicle control, clothing control, control, shoes-control, as well as hat control. Today for you on Hat control can be divided into several types, hats of various kinds. Why stars are so attention No matter what present occasion, apart from the face value, is temperament yet? Wrong, a steal the hat and appropriate dress is indispensable. Next to introduce how to use caps to bring you the highlights.

Beach hats

Sea essential, apart from bikini, but this hat was Beach the killing machine

Beach hats

If you do not want so they look low-key shade cloth Cap

Shade cloth Cap

If both the trouble too, this Lafite straw hat is extremely convenient.

Rafi straw hat

Normal life, especially the girls, and lazy cancer onset, comb the hair in the morning is a very troublesome thing, sometimes in order to make a hat to work directly on the line, such as baseball caps, Cap.

baseball caps

Sinamay Hats 

Hats usually will not feel unusual? But if you look at the hundreds of years ago, the United Kingdom, rich wives and ladies have to be hands on one.

Sinamay Hats .png

Fascinators .

Celebrities attending banquets and high places where contests


Most women feel warm in autumn and winter, only it is comfortable, wool hats.

wool hats

Handsome only makes girls beret, originating from United States soldiers, and women to wear more valiant.


amily CAP is now mainstream, how many parents want and children have no barriers, parent-child, and parent-child hat.

Parent child cap.jpg

British style, retro trend, bucket hat, as many popular styles, yet everyone on it's enthusiasm remains undiminished.

Bucket hats

Now we did know about hats?