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Beret Chao fan's important status

2016-11-22 14:35:48 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Beret Chao fan's important status


We always say, focus on those who do their multitudinous is also the most beautiful. Is there a lift is the same way, if you focus on a single piece of the special, it willalso bring you a particularly engaging effect. Fall and winter seasons, beret and coat, coat and matching is very personal, will reduce the burden on other clothing you wear a lift, because these two things together, a sense of the exotic and specialChao fan.

Beret, most people would think of woollen material that directly, beret material is also diversity, such as tide fan fashion knit beret does.


Beret matching fit is very high, in addition to the matching jacket, outside the ordinary coat, coat, dress as beautiful it matches and winter, some rendering effect may be more gentle Lady. First, the beret and coat


Beret and coat combination, wear high-necked thin base sweater, if long hair a slight wave, the better. Figure this is a wool beret, color up to 13.

Beret in the octagonal British wool beret, color choices though not many, but mostly very deep color, with bright red very fashionable eye.

Long cashmere coat, just enough taste, many women liked the coat simply because its quality is sufficient, suitable for various occasions, and light, comfortable and warm, the figure of the Red Joker of Navy and gray.

High-end imported wool coat, light can best embody the sense of celebrity styles, color, fabric, and sense of style is as simple as possible grade, as shown in figure this fabric contains a 80% of imported Australian wool, color and elegant charm, which are pink and bright red, it depends on the occasion and individual choice. Second, the berets and jackets, coats

UK wind leather beret, black red color selected, type beret matching denim jacket or sweater Cardigan, very handsome.

Along the octagonal beret, this also has leather, beret plopped more like this, is very suitable with fur or leather jacket.

Match buds Hat coat if you want to show your cool flashes of personality, you can choose some special designs, unusual style, such as mosaic-style jacket is the fall of, very handsome and very chic.

Denim jacket can choose hole, but the overall design have spirit, not collapse, which is smart capable look vibrant. Third, berets and sweaters

Wool beret with a little, also called caps, which ranged from real styles between the CAP and beret, in fact, also called and classified as a beret, such as wool fabrics, look more attractive.

More sophisticated fabrics of wool beret, also slightly along the style of CAP, and beautiful sweaters or wool coat matching are very suitable, celebrity is strong.

Loose knit cardigan sweater, and Bud caps and match results with the coat is the same, just knit fabric is softer, better comfort of the upper body.

If you selected a relatively high-end fabrics beret, you can design sweaters, figure it belongs to show his sister's level, you can look at this is v-neck, neck decoration,very special, strange design detail envisaged, the upper part of the effects different from the ordinary.