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Teaches you fashion Hat winter hairstyles

2016-11-23 09:33:41 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Teaches you fashion Hat winter hairstyles

Winter hairstyle with a hat, a hat, is warm and can increase hair can be seen, hat can be used as hair ornaments, or keeping warm in winter essentials, a suitable hairstyle in the hat is essential. Either short hair, long hair, straight hair or curly hair and they fit hats today, small series will introduce several hairstyles winter hats to all Oh, hurry to see several wild temperament of the hair with a hat.

Winter Hat hair:

This winter Hat hair, stylish hair dyed brown hair, simple hair styling edged with an eye-catching yellow caps, youth fashion.

Winter Hat hair II:

Qi Liu instant age face and PEAR hot hair design, and a blue hat, very cute.

Three winter Hat hairstyle:

The texture of very big hair hairstyle, the hair looks very healthy, natural, and a woolen hat, was more Lady and temperament.

Four winter Hat hairstyle:

This dual personality long straight hair, matching hat, is a man of character.

Five winter Hat hairstyle:

This is a very elegant Lady long hair hairstyles, with a hat, more feminine.

Six winter Hat hairstyle:

Qi Liu moments highlighting the little face, and various color dyeing, very distinctive hairstyles.