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Bring a hat to keep warm in winter?

2016-11-24 10:22:29 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Bring a hat to keep warm in winter?

Note to buy hats should fit, with clothing and other apparel color matching, wearable occasions, with his face, body coordination, age, hairstyle. Long Yi Dai Kuan, or drop down the face of hats, wide type face should wear a side or top hat; tall are advised not to wear a top hat, was short for clear lenses not broad-brimmed hat; older should not be a garish dark Cap head concubine is short hair suitable to live and so on. In addition, it should not neglect the quality and appearance of hats to choose from. General sewing Cap stitching neat, clear, not mater, no stains; knit caps without skipping, breakage, leakage phenomenon such as needle; the grass and straw hats should be uniform, Cap body and elastic; woven flax Hat knitting should be neat and uniform surface without joints, hand can be quickly restored after the depression.

In winter you can choose cotton, leather hat to keep warm


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