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Liberty students create warm hats

2016-11-24 10:50:15 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Liberty students create warm hats


BY CAROL ROEHM croehm@dancomnews.com Nov 22, 2016 

DANVILLE – The kindergarteners and first-graders at Liberty Elementary School are prepared for the cold weather now after making numerous fleece hats in the past week.

Not only did the students make a hat for themselves, but they made extra ones that will be donated.

The warm-and-fuzzy project began last week in Robyn Yount’s kindergarten class. After the other kindergarten and first-grade teachers at Liberty saw how much Yount’s students loved their new hats, they decided to make hats with their students as well.

“Parents donated the fleece blankets for the hats, and another parent is helping sew the hats today,” first-grade teacher Ange Carlton said Monday.

In just one hour, Carlton’s first-graders made 50 colorful fleece hats, with the help of school librarian Jessica Welsch and Renee Downing, the grandmother of a Liberty School first-grader, who operated sewing machines.

Twenty-five of the hats will be worn by Carlton’s students and the other 25 will be donated.

Carlton said she hadn’t decided yet where she was going to donate the extra handmade hats.

“We’re going to see where there might be a need,” she said.

Liberty Principal Angelique Simon said the fleece hats — some of them made from pink camouflage fabric and others in plaid fabric — have been a hit with the youngsters.

“The kids have been wearing them and love them,” she said.