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Will wear a hat is the fashion of people

2016-11-30 12:36:59 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Will wear a hat is the fashion of people

About hats,do you remember Uncle Depp’s crazy hats in 《Alice in Wonderland》?

Alice in Wonderland

However, most people don't seem to have the habit of wearing a hat in our country.The hats are used to keep warm and team caps of tour group.But there is an unwritten Bible of fashionable in the fashion world.No matter you wear well,the hat is the most attractive.You will be more beautiful after wearing a hat.

straw hat

Naturally,Summer's best accessories is straw hats.Sunscreen and can modify face,with simple shirt, T-shirt, shorts, dress,it will make you more fashionable.There are thousands of straw hats styles in the world.How to choose the suitable hats?

Panama Hat

Panama hat

In May,Highest attention in fashion circles was that Chanel 2017 early spring vacation series show which was hold by Karl Lafayette on Cuba.Mysterious style,magic color supermodel wear panama hats and slipper.

Panama cap

Panama hat is actually specialty of Ecuador.In the first half of sixteenth Century.Spanish saw that local indigenous people wore scarf which could cover the ears and neck,it was called toquila(Spanish:It is scarf .)

The plant which used to make scarf is toquila.After continuous improvement,it begins to be exported overseas.Sun shading and ventilation,at that time,each Panama Canal workers had the one,so it was called Panama hat.

Panama hat

But it was said that the origin of panama hats name was related to former president of the United States Theodore Roosevelt. In 1913,he attended the opening ceremony in the Panama Canal,he thanked the local people to send him "Panama hat" when gave the speech.The hats which was made in Ecuador were not indicated trademark or origin place.As time passed,it is called panama hat.

The real Panama hats are woven by hand,divided into 20 grades,prices range from tens of dollars to several thousand dollars.There is a big dent in middle crown.More dense, quality is more higher.Top Panama hat with excellent flexibility,it can be rolled into a cylindrical oblique triangular shape and out into the cylindrical box.There is no mark when you open it again.This is one of the important characteristics of Panama hat.In previous manual times,only the upper class people wore special fine woven panama straw hats.It is ordinary that the hats were used to match formal dress.

Panama straw hat

About Brands, hat master Borsalino who had more than 150 years history was outstanding reputation.All hats which gentlemen wore in old movie came from Borsalino.Many popular Hollywood stars are Die hard powder of panama hats.The black ribbon with gold logo,it can match any skin color and hairstyle,it is street beat god.

Mamasita Panama cap

Mamasita is Ecuador old brand who concentrated on panama hat over 150 years.It insists that each hat need to have dozens of complex processes and takes three months to complete at least.Classic Fedora is a narrow brim.It is suitable for man and woman,good collocation.

Valdez Panama Hat

This year,Valdez Panama Hat is the most popular.It use colorful ribbon and decorative hair ball instead of classic black ribbon.Toquila are colorful.It looks more active and young.

Boater Hat

Boater Hat

The top and the four sides of the hats are flat.Straw and ribbon was used to be edge.Now,they are different material and styles.Boater hatsoriginated in the nineteenth Century Italy gondola boatman hat.But it has been widely spread and become popular after it was known in USA.

Boater Hat

Boater Hat

The boater hat has college temperament,it can make ladies more young.There are two kinds of boater hats on the market today,one is simple circular black silk ,classic and all-match,another is bow ribbon,sweet and lovely.

Boater Hat

Many famous hat manufacturer make boater hats .Today,we will talk about Losangeles brand Janessa Leone which is liked by Hollywood female stars.Pure handmade,each style is classic,more old,it looks more beautiful.

Boater Hat

Lack of Color which comes from Australia,practical.Price is under USD 100.Rich style and color.Whether it is daily wear or vacation travel,it always show noble and fashion.

Floppy Hat

Floppy Hat Wide brim hats

You can see wide brim hats on the beach,it looks like movable sun shading shed.The brim is enough wide to protect face.Wide brim hatsbecame popular in the last century 30, 40s.At that time, the cap crown began to become shallow,ladies had long hair,it help you become very fashionable.

wide brim cap

Nowadays,the brim of floppy hats is the feature.It looks classical and avant-garde.All famous brand designers indicate that the most fashionable symbol is the floppy hats which can cover half face.

Big wide brim hats

We have to mention that Eugenia Kim is very famous on ins.

“Do Not Disturb”floppy hats are the most fashionable partner of this year's travel and vacation.

Big wide brim hats