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Main types of military cap

2016-11-30 13:46:50 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Main types of military cap

Military cap,as the name implies is the hat for solider, it represents the dignity of the military forces around the world. Military cap with many types,different army and job with different caps. But still many civilians like to wear this hat and even for collection.

1.Wide brim military cap

2.Beret military cap

Military cap with 3 types: the army is dark brown green, is relatively beautiful. The navy is deep blue, I was particularly like this color. The air force is definitely blue, generally it will embroidered with a cap badge in the left front of the hat. 

3.Camouflage green as military training cap

With wide brim,round crown,

4.Army buckle hat

The buckle on the cap is the military buckle, only some caps with it and fixed with a cloth. And another use the cap badge. The origin of the cap was rose after Central Plains War and to be improved, the hat is characterized by more features, the cloth can fold down when it getting colder. 

5.The naval cap

Navy hats are generally white or blue, brim is made of hard lap, the appearance is black, and with two black ribbon in the back of hat, write something iconic words in the front.