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Skills for matching hats and dress

2016-12-05 11:10:47 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Skills for matching hats and dress

With many types of hats on the market and they are all with many feathers, but sometimes the hat is not only for function or warm, but also for decoration. Then it is rather important how to choose a hat, and it also worth . It is very popular to wear a hat to match dress, try to match perfect and to avoid weakness.

Match with face shape

The best face shape is seeds shape, they are suitable for almost styles, but pay attention to the hat depth. Square face shape wear a hat higher hat is better, like cowboy hat, fedora hat, curling brim hat is also good. Beret hat is suitable for round face. Long face wear fisherman hat or wide brim hat looks better.

Match with figure

Choose a larger hat if you are tall, but not too large. Do not wear a flat hat or wide brim hat if you are not tall enough.

Match with skin color

Ruddy people is not fit red hat. Yellow people choose dark brown or cream-white rather than yellow and green. The best choice for black people is wear something bright, but pay attention to the clothes-matching, white people do not choose white or skin color.

Match with dress

Preferably choose hat to match with dress, it feels particularly elegant and fresh.

If it is the opposite of dress, it looks more lively. If you wear printing clothes ,then match a deeper color hat is pretty well.

If your dress is red or blue, then the hat is the same.

If you wear a coat, then fedora hat or felt hat is much more suitable.

If you wear sportswear, then baseball cap and visor is the best choice.

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