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Matching skills of felt hat and clothing color

2016-12-06 09:41:08 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Matching skills of felt hat and clothing color

You have to admit felt hat is really a good accessory in winter, it can enhance your taste virtually, more easily to create different styles, especially if you match well, you will looks perfect. Now lets have a look.

1.Camel clothing

In the cold winter, most people are accustomed to wearing dark series of clothes, camel become a favorite color, if you choose camel series of clothing can be with black ,white and other colors of hat.

2.Black clothing

Black is the most common color in winter, freely match with clothes, usually full of intellectual feeling, if you wear a set of black clothes it looks too monotonous, if match with a red, white or other colors felt hat ,it can looks more energetic.

But for some girls without talent of color, you can choose black, white and gray 3 basic colors to match, not only fashion and match freely, if you do not like these colors, then try to choose the same color with the clothes, at least people will enjoy comfort of visual sense. Hope we can learn from it. 

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