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How to wash felt hat

2016-12-07 09:06:24 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

How to wash felt hat

In the cold winter, most people choose felt hat not only for warm, but also reflect your matching skills, it is the winter “darling”, and also the fashion accessory, but for the girls love hats, it is very important how to clean it? Here we take a look.

Firstly soaked in warm water, add an appropriate amount of sweater special detergent, use laundry liquid instead of if without.

Take out the hat, add a small amount of salt or white vinegar to the water, pay attention to try to avoid vigorous rubbing, soaking 5-10 minutes is appropriate, and then gently rub the hat, then pour into clean water.

After cleaning hat, it is better to filled with newspapers or something else in the hat to prevent from deformation, It can put on the dedicated hat shelf or put on the floor instead if without.

If you want to prolong the warranty of hat, need to pay attention not only in usual maintenance but also in cleaning, so as to make the hat to maintain long-term deformation, will not affect the daily wearing. The above are all about cleaning hat,hope they are helpful.

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