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Get quickly of hat matching skills

2016-12-08 10:12:55 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Get quickly of hat matching skills

Hat is not only our daily wearing but also necessity of making styles,hat is the basic ornament,the effect is so obvious and beautiful,not to mention its warm.Sometimes wind blow our hairstyle, but hat can keep our beauty. 

If you wear a suit personalized fashion clothes,mostly are white and black , then we can wear a military hat, it will not look like any vacancies.

If we wear a high collar shirt, wearing leather outside, although leather personality, but if match with beret hat, then looks more elegant.

If dont want to lose any toughness and “Fan”, beret is the best choice to match shirts, jeans and high-held shoes.

If you wear a heavy coat, then match a hat is very necessary.

Wearing a thick sweater, match pencil jeans and boots and put on a hat,it looks more casual.

If you put on coat and skirt, then we better match a wide brim hat, it does not lose our multi-level style.

If we wear shirts and short pants, we should with wide brim hats and boots.