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The difference between Jazz hat and Formal hat

2016-12-15 14:21:16 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

The difference between Jazz hat and Formal hat

The Jazz hat is just like its name,jazz style,man will be more personable.However,another kind of hat is similar with Jazz hat,it is formal hat.People who do not know hats may call a stag a horse.thus, make a joke.Let us introduce the difference between Jazz hat and Formal hat.

  1.Speak from the types.

Jazz hat is small formal hat,formal hat is big formal hat.You can know the relationship of Jazz hat and formal hat,Jazz hat is one branch of the formal hat,formal hat  will tend to be more serious in style.People usually choose formal hat in important occasions.Jazz hat is Hip hop style,it has more fold elements than formal hat in shape.

  2.Speak from collocation,

Jazz hat is suitable for intellectual style,do not be too loud.Just simple T-shirt ahd Jeans,they are enough to match with Jazz hat.You can also wear tight clothes,leather shoes and scarf.Formal hats are more suitable for rigorous little dress.

So when you see Jazz hats and Formal hats,you can judge according to this introduction,of course,both Jazz hats and formal hats are good choosing to match clothes. 

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