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Origin and differentiation method of Jazz hat

2016-12-15 14:23:16 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

Origin and differentiation method of Jazz hat

The hats which are made in Ecuador are called Jazz hat,people do not call it Jazz hat but call it Panama hat.Merchants of Ecuador who exported their country's hat need to go through Panama.As a result,local residents liked this kind of hats very much,gradually,it was called Panama hats.

This kind of hats usually appear in Hollywood and Theatre.Straw Jazz hats is not complicated,but the brim is wide,it will be more unique to put small edges on wide brim.And it is optional to match clothes.The Jazz hats can be divided into large and small formal hat.

1.The crown of large formal hats is very high,Eaton students in the United Kingdom usually wear this kind of hat,and it is called Eaton hat.

2.Small formal hats are not high,just like a hamburger.The men in  Germany wear this kind of hat.So it is called Homburg.

Later they were introduced to China,almost at the beginning of the Republic of China,they appreared in formal occasion,people called it formal hat.The material of this kind of hat is felt,cloth,velvet and fur.People of different identities wear different material hats. 

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