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The types of common hat

2016-12-16 17:35:46 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

The types of common hat

Hat is the accessories which people wear on head.Generally cover the top of the head to protect head,used to keep warm or sunshade.Some hats are used to decorate and protect.There are all kinds of hats,so the choosing is rich.You need to choose suitable color and shape hats according to your face and figure,try to avoid weaknesses.

Different regions have different culture and ceremonial,different hats have different shape.Hats are one of symbol of social status in UK.There are the introduction of hats types.

1.Classification by using

Wind-proof hats,rain-proof hats,sunshade hats,safety helmet,dustproof hats,working hats,traveling hats,sleeping hats formal hats and so on.

2.Classification by user

Men hats,women hats,children hats.

3.Classification by style

Ethnic,the couple,the sailor,cowboy, police officers ,soldiers and so on.

4.Classification by material

Leather,wool,straw,bamboo and so on.

5.Classification by design

Berets,peaked cap,triangle hats,hats without brim,hats with earmuff and so on.

So the hats types are very rich and they are very beautiful,girls,please try to buy suitable hats for self!

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