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How to wear baseball caps to be beautiful?

2016-12-21 13:49:01 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

How to wear baseball caps to be beautiful?

Baseball cap  has been the favorite of many girls,it is also  symbol of fashion single product.But not all people are suitable to wear baseball cap.How to choose baseball cap according to face?Let us read the introduction.

Round face and short hair

If girls have short hair and round face,we do not suggest to wear baseball caps.If you really like it,you can choose suitable wearing way.If you have fringe,you can make fringe up,then pull back hair into a low ponytail.This wearing way can be more coordinated.

Round face and long hair

If girls who have round face wear baseball caps,it can show face pointed.If girls who have long hair,hair can be scattered down, cover part of the face,it will effectively mask the shortcomings of the face.

Fringe and oval face

Many girl like fringe,it can show more young.It will be more coordinated if you wear baseball caps.Please note that do not cover all fringe,or it will look very unattractive.

About choosing and wearing of baseball caps,concrete way need to be based on face and hairstyle.You can try many times to find the most suitable baseball caps.We hope that the introduction will be helpful for you!

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