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How do men wear hats?

2016-12-26 20:14:12 Shenzhen Linglong Accessories Co.,Ltd Read

How do men wear hats?

Whether rock,gentleman or sport style,fashion baseball cap is the choose of fashion boys.

But most of boys do not know how to deal with hair when wear baseball cap.Let us read the introduction.

Collocation method of baseball cap and hairstyle.

European boys’ face is stereoscopic.Reverse wearing is suitable way.It will not show face flat. Frontal wearing is suitable for small face and handsome boys.

1.Reverse wearing

Reverse wearing is popular,and it can be decoration,show young,it can make you unique when you wear generic clothes.Of course,there are two ways of wearing.One is showing fringe,another is contrary.

Do not show fringe

Do not show fringe,hairstyle is simple,do not show shorn hair.

Curling up fringe

If the cap covers the entire head when you have fringe,you can make fringe up,fashion and sunshine.You can also tilt the baseball cap slightly.

Fringe cover the forehead

When the cap covers the head 1/3 or 1/2,heavy bang is a good choice,many male stars love this wearing way.

2.Frontal wearing

It is the conventional way,you can show little fringe,it will make you more fashion.

For most boys who have fringe,make fringe on side,and wear baseball cap.

How to do moldling?

You can choose brilliantine which can manufacture fog effect,hands catch hair lightly,you can put some brilliantine on hair root,make hair root hard,hair will be more stereoscopic.And you can adjust the fluffy hair.

Please pay attention to the tightness of the cap,set aside some gap,this way will not damage hairstyle.

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