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For the hat, you know how much

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For the hat, you know how much

Said simply,The existence of hat is relevant to the age style and fashion.In past fashion history,hats have played important role.Before twenty-first Century,most people wore hats.

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Hats already existed before the ancient time.It can protect head and has many meaning.In ancient time,people did not have the ability of making delicate hats.People used cloth towel to wrap head.During the middle ages,the Vatican issued the decree that people should cover the hair.So it began to appear many simple hat types,they are similar with the hats which are in photos.

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In seventeenth Century,hats have more significant stage significance:Citizens wore dark color hats, bankrupts wore yellow hats, prisoner wore paper hats.King wore golden crown.At the same time,people began to worship the height of the hat.

top hats

In eighteenth Century, kinsman of the Emperor advocated braided hair and wig,besides top hats.

It was said that professional workers who braided hair would build ladder according to customers’ requirements,along the bamboo ladder,they began to braid hair.After finishing,they would put put some decoration on hair,such as basket, fruit or sailing and so on.

Somehow,starting in 1840,hat size became more modest.Up to now,the appearance of hat pay attention to maneuverability.Exaggerated hat tapes will appear on important hats occasion ,British aristocracy Jockey Club of the year.

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About clothes,although it is mass production,but it can be customized.Special technology which hats maker and shoes maker have begin to disappear gradually,so grieved.

In twenty-first Century,hat culture revived gradually,they became main role in fashion circle.This is reassuring.

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